When a corporation is sued by a third party who alleges that the defendant is liable for harm. These are often more specifically pursued as:
• Auto Liability
• Trucking Liability
• Premises Liability
• Fire Cause & Effect
• Electrocution

One common Premises Liability case occurs when someone is injured by the intentional criminal acts of a third party, while on someone else’s property. Most of the time, the landlord/company isn’t the one responsible for protecting individuals from third party criminal acts that occur on their premises.

Notzon Law defends employers in the workers’ compensation arena and companies with non-subscriber claims both in state court and arbitration proceedings.

Labor and employment law concerns the laws and regulations that govern relationships between employees and employers. Labor law governs the relationships between groups of employees, such as labor unions and their employers, while employment law governs the relationships between individual employees and their employers.

Corporations and the professionals they employ often operate under a code of ethics, mission and vision statements, and any number of professional industry designations. If an accusation of a violation is made, Notzon Law attorneys investigate and defend their clients against such allegations. Notzon Law also performs independent investigations when allegations are made within the company.

After an employee-related and/or serious accident, employers often are required to investigate and file reports. Notzon Law has the expertise to counsel clients on what to look for, what to photograph, and how to write the narrative, as well as lead scene investigations of serious accidents with a team of professionals including experts.


When it comes to liability defense, the professionals at Notzon Law have it covered. From working with clients to defend non-subscriber and workers’ compensation cases to investigating serious accidents at the scene, to defending clients in civil and criminal courts, the Notzon Law team brings dedication and integrity to the table every step of the way.

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